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  • All Children of God - Oil Painting

All Children of God - Oil Painting

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All Children of God

Several years ago I was substituting in primary and as I watched the children be children I received the idea for this painting. When I saw the theme of the 2021-2022 church international art competition, "All Alike Unto God," I felt it was the perfect time to follow through with the idea. My original thoughts focused more about the fact that we are all children of God no matter how we behave. In the primary setting that I was in, I noticed that most kids have a really hard time being reverent...occasionally there are a few that are.  But God loves all of His children no matter what! In planning the painting I decided to include boys and girls with different ethnicities, which is a big part of this theme.  "...[God] denieth none that come unto him, black and white, bond and free, male and female: and he remembereth the heathen...." Kids are great examples of just seeing people as people and not even thinking about color of skin. As I was painting each of these kids, I noticed that I did not change my color palette. I basically used the same colors to mix each skin tone with small variations. We are all children of God...we just have small variations. It was so fun to work with the children who were my little models.  I really fed off of their energy and ideas. Each time I do a meaningful painting like this, it strengthens my testimony in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I know that we are "All Children of God."



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